Children's Murals

PainterClick will get rave reviews with these simple tips & ideas.

If you never painted a mural, painting a mural for a child's room or a volunteer project at a school is an excellent place to start. Children adore color and simple designs so that even novice painters can create a mural that will receive rave reviews.

Prepare Your Surface: Ideally, you'll create your mural on a freshly painted wall. Before painting on an existing wall, thoroughly clean the wall to remove any dust and grease. A base of paint or primer can also be applied before you begin your design.

Getting Started: The design can be sketched directly on the wall with pencil or colored pencils. Alternatively, there are two ways you can reproduce your design on the wall. Grid your design into 1" squares and the wall area into a proportionate grid, e.g., 1" on your design = 1' on your wall. Or, transfer your design to acetate and use a projector (often available for from libraries and video equipment stores) to project your image onto the wall for tracing.

Paints: Today, most interior walls are painted with latex paints making a combination of latex interior paints for large areas of color and acrylic paints an ideal combination. For protection in high-traffic areas or areas accessible to little fingers, a final coat of polyurethane makes cleaning simple.

Designs: Let your imagination soar. Children love simple colorful designs whether it's their favorite cartoon or storybook character, their favorite things, place or interest, a collage of numbers or the alphabet or rainbows and clouds.





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