Installing Cabinet Drawer Fronts


Drawer fronts come in two types – solid and applied. Solid drawer fronts are an integral part of the drawer. Applied fronts are screwed to the front of a pre-made drawer box. To replace solid fronts, you'll saw off overlapping edges and screw the new front to the face of the old. For applied fronts, unscrew the old fronts to remove them, then attach the new ones.


Use a handsaw to cut off all overhanging edges of existing solid drawer fronts. Clamp the drawer to a solid work surface to make this job easier. If the drawer fronts are two-piece, simply remove the screws and discard the decorative face panel.


Attach the new fronts by drilling pilot holes and driving screws through the inside of the drawers into the new fronts. Make sure the drawer fronts overlap the drawers by an equal margin on all sides.


You can attach false drawer fronts on sink and cooktop cabinets by cutting wood blocks that span the drawer openings. Place the blocks across the openings on the inside of the cabinets, then drive screws through the wood blocks into the false drawer fronts.





Replacing Hinges

Replacing Door Pulls

Installing Cabinet Doors


Home Improvement

Advantages of Storm Windows

Most homeowners desire lower energy bills, but often the path from to savings is littered with poor design. Anyone who has gone shopping for ways to lower those bills has most likely run up against a common dilemma: buying new energy-efficient windows can be extremely expensive. The alternative, however, is to invest in storm windows – a category not exactly known for its handsome appearance. Thankfully there are some simple ways to get your hands on storm windows that are as attractive as they are effective, offering the best of both worlds in an affordable package.


Air Purifiers

Air purifiers can help improve the quality of your indoor air, but how exactly does an air purifier work? And is it any different than an air filter?


Advantages of Seamless Gutters

The gutters on any home are absolutely integral to keeping everything safe, dry and in proper working order. Roofs are graded for a reason, and the amount of angle your roof is manufactured to can make all the difference when it comes to drainage and runoff. Needless to say, any obstruction in your home's drainage system and you could be looking at a potential source of flooding and mildew – hardly the kind of visitors you want. There was a time when most homes were made simply to drain water off the leading edges, but today a variety of gutter technologies have arisen to handle this precipitation head on.


Advantages of Solar Lighting

Anyone who believes the Earth needs our protection has likely read up on the benefits of solar power. Because the technology draws its power from an unlimited source – the Sun – this approach to saving energy is widely considered one of the most practical and viable for long-term use. From major solar panel arrays to portable electronics that make use of ambient light, designers have continually pushed the envelope to generate new and better technology for solar panels. Today one of the simplest is also one of the most affordable: solar lighting.


Do I Need to Use Paint Primer?

Paint colors, dyes and compositions are getting better all the time. Effects that would have been unthinkable just a generation ago are becoming easier than ever to achieve, from special matte finishes that resemble suede to effortless crackle glazes that make faux effects a cinch. One thing paint cannot do terribly well on its own, however, is bond to every possible surface without a little help. This is where paint primer comes in. If you have come online in search of vetted and reliable info on which primer to use and when, the following survey may be of some use.


Electronic Pest Control
Insects and rodents in your home and garden can become a pesky nuisance that drives you crazy. There is an infinite supply of things to combat these creatures, but many of them are toxic and harmful to people also. Chemical pesticides and poisons are just as dangerous to people and pets as they are to the pests, so they should be used sparingly if at all. Electronic pest control devices are designed to fight the pest problem without doing damage to you, your family, your pets or the environment.


Examples of Home Modern Lighting
Our understanding of interior lighting has evolved by leaps and bounds over the last 20 years. What began with a rudimentary sense that more was better has today evolved into a nuanced and deep body of knowledge about color spectrums and energy efficiency. Along the way, designers have managed to devise ever more challenging and compelling ways to integrate light sources into the scheme of any room – a considerable leap forward. Today the options for modern home lighting are manifold and exciting, including a number of choices you may not have considered before.


Flea Control Tips
If you have a pet, the possibility of fleas is very real. Nobody wants these unwelcome houseguests - they annoy your pet and infest your home. Flea control takes time and some work, but it's definitely worth the effort if you are dealing with the problem.


Flower Gardening
Flower gardens add color and imagination to the greenery of your backyard or front porch. To ensure the flowers you plant continue to grow healthy and strong, follow these planting instructions. The instructions work for seedlings and mature plants.




Do It Yourself Projects



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