Removing Carpet

There aren't any ifs, ands, or buts about pulling up old carpeting, because you can't lay any other material, even new carpet, on top of it. Fortunately, removing carpet isn't rocket science, once you realize that it's fastened only around the edges.

To remove carpet installed with tackless strips, remove shoe moldings or other edgings and cut the carpet into manageable strips with a utility knife. Pry up on the carpet corner, and pull it free from the strip along both walls. Repeat the process until the entire carpet is free.


To remove carpet installed with carpet tacks, simply slide a flat pry bar under one edge of the carpet and pry up several tacks. Proceed until all tacks are removed.


If you want to keep the carpet in one piece, release one corner and work your way along the carpet section. Once it has been released, roll the piece up and haul it away.





Removing Ceramic Tile

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