Replacing a Threshold

Thresholds are an important part of the entry to your home. Their primary function is to keep warm air in and cold air out (or vice versa in summer.) And because they withstand a lot of traffic, purchase a good quality threshold to increase durability.

Begin by removing your existing threshold from your door. You'll want to first cut the old threshold with a back saw. Then you can dislodge it with a pry bar. Once it is removed, clean the area thoroughly.


Carefully measure the opening for the new threshold, and cut to fit. Next, lay a bead of caulk along what will be the back edge of the threshold. Now position it as you want it, making certain the angle is sloping slightly away from your home so water does not build up near your new threshold.


Insert the screws in the holes indicated along the length of the threshold. Finally, test the fit. If it is too tight, you can plane down the door or lower the threshold.





Removing and Replacing Thresholds

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