Laying Out Straight Edges

If you lay out a bed with landscape timbers, bricks or stones, you'll want to create a flawlessly straight line to start with. This two-step technique assures you a perfectly straight line every time.

Build batterboards with 2x4 stakes and crosspieces that are about 2 feet long. Nail the crosspieces a few inches below the top of the stakes with 10d (3-inch) common nails.


Drive in a batterboard about 2 feet past each end of the bed. Run a mason's line between the batterboards along the bed's edge and tie it to the crosspieces. Level the line with a line level.


Mark the end of each edge on the mason's line with tape. Transfer the endpoint to the ground with a plumb bob and mark it with powdered chalk.


Drive a 2x2 stake into the ground at each of the marked endpoints. Run a mason's line along the ground between the stakes. To mark the bed's edge on the ground, sprinkle powdered chalk over the line.





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