Repairing Leaky Downspout Joints

A typical place for leaks to occur in the gutter system is at the downspout joints. Over time, gravity can work on downspouts to open joints up, or they occasionally get jostled from below and come loose. A few simple repairs will keep downspout joints tight and reliably leak-free for many years.

Remove any screws or connecting hardware at the joint and then disassemble the leaking portion of the downspout. You may need to remove other gutter or downspout sections near the leaky joint first.





Clean any caulk or adhesive from both parts of the joint using a stiff wire brush. Replace the rubber gaskets on vinyl or PVC gutters.





Apply a bead of silicone caulk to one of the parts at the joint area, then reassemble the gutter system. Add any necessary fasteners or connectors.




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Repairing Leaky Metal Gutters

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