Installing a Water Purifier


Position the water purifier. Set the bracket so the bottom of the purifier hangs at least 3 inches above the cabinet floor. This will allow you to remove the cartridge easily. Predrill the holes, then attach the bracket to the wall with wood screws. You may find it easier to attach the bracket with the cartridge removed.


Tap into the water supply line. Place a bucket under the water line. Turn off the shutoff valve for the line. Use a tubing cutter to cut into the supply line at least 3 inches above the shutoff. Drain the line into the bucket.


Install a compression fitting on each end of the cut line. Insert the lines to and from the water purifier into the compression fitting. Tighten the compression nuts for the fittings using two adjustable wrenches.


Connect the inlet and outlet lines to the water purifier. Slide the compression nuts over each line. Place compression rings over each end. Insert the lines into the water purifier and tighten the nuts using an adjustable wrench.


Flush the system. Install the cartridge and turn the water back on. While you're checking for leaks, flush the system until the water runs clear.





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