Removing Old Faucets

Removing an old faucet isn't difficult, but you'll have to spend some time on your back under the sink. To keep your under-sink time to a minimum, try using a couple of tricks – penetrating oil to make nuts easier to remove, and a basin wrench that is made specifically for reaching up and grabbing the tailpiece nuts. A basin wrench isn't expensive and is worth every penny when it comes to relieving back strain and frustration!


Turn water off. Apply penetrating oil to the tailpiece mounting nuts and the supply-tube coupling nuts. Wait about 15 minutes for the oil to work, then remove the coupling nuts with a basin wrench or water-pump pliers.





Remove the tailpiece mounting nuts the same way (a basin wrench has a long handle that makes it easier to use in tight areas).





Remove the faucet by pulling it straight up. If it's stubborn, work the tip of a putty knife under it to loosen it. Be careful not to scratch the sink. Use a putty knife to clean away old putty from the sink surface.





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