Installing Adjustable Brackets

Adjustable shelf standards are every bit as easy to install as their stationary cousins. But the notches in the standards give you the added flexibility of changing the height, spacing, and even the lengths of individual shelves as your storage needs change.

Use an electronic stud finder to locate the wall studs where you'll mount the shelf standards. Position the standards so their top ends are closest to the ceiling. The top end usually is the one with a countersunk screw hole closest to the edge of the standard.





Mount the first standard at the desired height using 3-inch wallboard screws. Use a carpenter's level to make sure the standard is plumb. Then, place the level on the top of the mounted standard, and make a level mark at the stud location where the next standard will go.





Attach the next shelf standard to the wall using 3-inch wallboard screws. Again, use a carpenter's level to make sure the standard is plumb. Attach the arm brackets to the wall standards, and install your shelves.




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