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  What is the proper way to use spray equipment?

It is always safe to operate spray equipment with safety cautions. Use respiratory and eye protection. All spray units are different and it is important to follow the manufacturer's instructions carefully.


Can I paint over aluminum/vinyl siding?

Do I need to wash my house before I paint?

How much paint do I need?

How do I apply the paint?

How do I paint shingles & shakes?

How do I care for freshly painted surfaces?

I have never painted the exterior of my home before....?

What conditions are best for painting my house?

What tools do I need?




Painting tips & tricks of the day

Wood preparation before painting
When we paint wood, we're decorating it, but we can also protect it for good if the surface is prepared properly. New wood must be sanded along the grain. Painted or stained wood as well, unless you strip it down to its bare surface. Pores, screw and nail holes can be filled with plastic wood or joint compound, according to the case. Remove all accessories to minimize trimming. Paint over knots with orange shellac to hide them forever. Finally, be sure that the wood is dry and clean.

Painting old moldings
Over the years and after many coats of paint, door frames, windows and wall molding joints are no longer well defined and easy to trim. Carefully trace over the joints with a plasterboard knife using a yardstick if necessary. The traced cut will act as a paint dam? as long as you don't use too much.


Painting Tips & Ideas

Choosing Paint Colors
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Color Washing
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Discontinued Wallpaper Books
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Estimate Wallpaper
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Hanging Border
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Paint Stains
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Paint Steps
Don't want to paint yourself into a corner? How about getting stuck up or down the steps after you paint them..




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