Paint Drying Time

Latex-Latex paints dry in just a couple of hours, so you can recoat quickly. However they are vulnerable in case of sudden rain.

Oil-Drying time for alkyd paints can take up to two days- plenty of time for dirt, insects and people to come in contact with the surface and potential to mar it permanently.


Interior Painting - Frequently asked questions

Can I paint directly over wallpaper?

No. Wallpaper can be painted over with the proper preparations. Be sure to remove any loose wallpaper, scuff/sand the surface, then apply interior oil-based primer.


Can I apply latex paint over oil based paint?

Yes. Be sure to prepare the surface properly before painting. Oil-based paints should be sanded to a flat finish before painting. After rinsing, apply Dutch Boy® oil-based primer and apply desired latex paint.


Can I apply paint directly over a semi-gloss paint?

No. Semi-gloss paint must be dulled to a flat finish by sanding*, allowing proper adhesion. Removing or disturbing old paint from interior or exterior surfaces by sanding, scraping, abrading or other means may produce dust, debris or fumes that contain lead. Exposure to lead dust, debris or fumes may cause brain damage or other adverse health effects, especially in children and pregnant women. Structures built before 1978 should be tested by a licensed inspector prior to removing or disturbing old paint.


Can I use exterior paint on the inside of my house?

No. Exterior paints are formulated to be more flexible to withstand temperature and climate change.


How can I best prepare my walls before I paint?

Walls that have never been painted should have a recommended primer applied before painting. For previously painted walls, thoroughly wash them with a mild soap and water solution, then rinse with clean water. If your existing surface was painted previously with semi-gloss paint, the surface should be lightly sanded to a duller finish. If the walls have not been painted in five years or longer or are stained then primer should be used.


How much paint do I need?

To achieve one-coat coverage, paint should be applied at a maximum of 400 square feet per gallon. Rough or textured surfaces may require more paint. On these areas allow for 125-300 square feet per gallon.


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Safety - Frequently asked questions

How do I clean my rollers and brushes properly?

If you used a latex paint, you can clean your rollers and brushes easily with soapy water. Oil paints require the use of a solvent cleaner and water, always use rubber gloves to protect skin.


How do I dispose of leftover paint?

If you have leftover paint that is water-based leave the can open in a ventilated area and let dry. After the paint has dried, it can be discarded in the trash. However, it is recommended with oil-based or alkyd paints that an absorbent be added to the leftover paint.


What can I do to minimize paint odor?

It is recommended to ventilate any room that your are painting before beginning.


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