Unclogging Spray Paint Cans

If you’ve ever grabbed a can of spray paint only to discover the nozzle is clogged then you’ll appreciate this tip. Paint that remains in the nozzle after you use the can dry and clog the opening .

To clean the nozzle, pull it off the nozzle and drop it in a small container of paint thinner for a few hours. (You can use the spray paint can's plastic top)

Next, take a small pin or wire and clean the inside of the nozzle from the end that connects to the can (not the nozzle tip).

Scrub any paint off the nozzle tip with a cloth or brush.

Rinse the nozzle again in paint thinner to remove any particles you just dislodged.

Put the nozzle on a can of WD-40 and spray a little through the nozzle.

In the nozzle is still clogged repeat these steps. To prevent this problem in the future, turn the can upside down and spray until the stream becomes clear. Then wipe any paint off the nozzle’s tip.

You might also want to save the clean nozzles of used can of spray paint to avoid this cleaning regime in the future.

The Correct Way to Shake a Spray Paint Can

The pigments in spray paint cans will settle to the bottom during storage. Insufficient mixing may result in an uneven color. To help mix the paint thoroughly the manufacturers put a small metal ball in the can. Shake the can back and forth until you hear the ball rolling. Then shake the can so the ball rolls around the bottom. Since the paint in settled on the bottom this will help mix it thoroughly. Try to shake the can for 1-2 minutes the first time you use the can. Then shade the can for 30seconds to a minute the next time the can is used during the same day.


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