Cleaning Glass Accessories

Glass flower vases, cruets, or carafes used to hold water, wine, oil or other liquids may develop stains in the bottom when allowed to set for a long time. Normal washing with soap and water may not get off all the stain. To remove these stains, try the following steps:

Pour vinegar (brown or white) into glass so as to be above the stain mark. Allow to stand 30 minutes to overnight, depending on intensity of the stain. Before emptying vinegar, add about 1/2 teaspoon dry uncooked rice, or 6-10 dry bean. Shake glass rapidly so hard grains can rub off loosened stain with a scouring action. Pour contents out. Rinse with water. Repeat if necessary.

If not all the stain is removed, pour ammonia into the glass to be above stain mark and allow to stand over night. Add rice or beans and shake. Repeat if necessary.

Commercial products such as 'Lime Away' can remove some stains. Read labels and follow directions exactly. You may need to add grains of rice or beans and shake to get scouring action with these products also.

If you have crystal vases or carafes, do not leave flowers or food in them any longer than necessary, since chemical changes can occur which permanently stain crystal.



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