Deck Furniture Cleaning and repaint

The first thing to do is clean your patio or deck furniture. The procedure is different from that for cleaning inside furniture since deck and patio furniture is usually more rough and tumble.
Any good commercial cleaner, soap and water or TSP will work well for cleaning outside furniture. TSP is stronger than most other cleaners and will remove quite a few marks. TSP is also good for preparing the painted surface for repainting.

Be sure to let your furniture dry well before doing any more work on it. If you sand wet paint the sanding residue will cling as a paste and flake off after the fresh paint has dried.

Prepare the Surface:

Use a medium fine sandpaper to feather the edges of any chips or scratches. A liquid deglosser application is a good idea, although TSP will usually leave a painted surface in repaintable condition. The liquid deglosser, liquid sandpaper for example, will save lots of elbow grease with sanding.

If there are any bare spots they should be primed and feathered, then the whole piece should be primed. Either a spray, or brush on primer will do the job. A toothbrush and toothpaste will remove many stains or marks, even waxy marks.

Final Finish:

Now you should be ready for the final finish. Use a good exterior paint, either spray cans or brush on paint will work fine to give you some like new patio or deck furniture at a small fraction of the cost of new furniture.




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