This is a simple way of applying repeat patterns to walls, floors, and furniture. Make a stencil from either acetate or stencil cardboard and apply the color with a stencil brush. Stencil the whole area or just a border, such as a frieze.



Instead of making your own stencils, choose from the wealth of ready-made stencil designs that are available in most art stores.




Look through books, magazines, and at textile designs for your stencil ideas.


1. When you choose a stencil design, consider how many colors you want as each will require a separate stencil. Transfer the chosen design onto a piece of tracing paper with a soft pencil.




Use stencils to cover a whole wail area, like wallpaper, or to create special effects such as a dado rail and cornice.





2. Turn over the tracing paper and stick it face down onto a piece of cardboard with some masking tape. Using a medium- hard pencil, draw over the reverse of the design so that the image is rubbed onto the cardboard.



4. Mark where you want the image to go on your wall with a pencil. If you are creating a frieze, use a level to find the true horizontal. Secure the stencil cardboard in place with low-tack tape.



3. Place the cardboard on a cutting mat. Pierce it with a craft knife, and then pull the cardboard toward the blade. You may need to create bridges to hold the pattern in place (for example, if your design contains a circle within a circle).



5. Dip the stencil brush into the paint and wipe off any excess Apply with a stabbing action Be careful not to allow excess paint to drip off he cardboard onto the wall U e any paint for this effect.





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