Making a well-defined line between two colors in a cornet - for example, where walls meet a ceiling - is known as beading. Wait until the paint on the ceiling is thy, and then holding the brush parallel to, but a short distance away from, the ceiling, press it against the wall, splaying the bristles. This will create a bead of paint that should be pushed steadily into the edge or cornet. Work across the wall.






Painting the edges around a window or door frame before the rest of the wall is known as cutting in. Once all the edges have been painted in this way, deal with the remainder of the room, blending in the fresh paint with the edges.



1. With a small brush, carefully paint narrow strips, about 1-2 in (2.5-5 cm) wide, at right angles to the frame. Leave a very small gap between the painted strips and the edge of the door frame.



2. Paint over the strips of color with a line parallel to the frame, Make sure to run the bristles close to the edge of the flame to create a well-defined line.





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