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Exterior Painting
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Wall Paper Removal
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Guide To Easy

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How to repair, fill a gap or a small hole in concrete

How to repair a crack or hole in plaster

How to repair a crack, a bigger hole or a large hole in drywall

How to clean discolored grout

How to replace grout or a broken tile

How to recaulk a tub or shower stall

Patching Wallpaper and Removing Bubbles

How To Remove Wallpaper


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Frequently asked questions

How do colors effect room size?

My room has a chair rail and I am using two colors....?

Should trim work be painted the same color as the walls...?

Will the paint I choose look lighter or darker on the wall?

What is the best way to decide which color is best for my room?

What color should I paint my ceiling?

Will the paint actually match the color chip?


Interior Painting

Frequently asked questions

Can I paint directly over wallpaper?

Can I apply latex paint over oil based paint?

Can I apply paint directly over a semi-gloss paint?

Can I use exterior paint on the inside of my house?

How can I best prepare my walls before I paint?

How much paint do I need?

How do I prepare the surface?

How do I take care of my freshly painted surface?

How long should I wait before applying a second coat of paint?

Should I paint the trim before or after I roll the walls?

Why do I need to use a primer?

What is the proper order to follow when painting a room?

When should I apply?

What is the proper rolling technique?


Exterior Painting

Frequently asked questions

Can I paint over aluminum/vinyl siding?

Do I need to wash my house before I paint?

How much paint do I need?

How do I apply the paint?

How do I paint shingles & shakes?

How do I care for freshly painted surfaces?

I have never painted the exterior of my home before....?

What conditions are best for painting my house?

What tools do I need?

What is the proper way to use spray equipment?


Interior Paint Problems




Caulk Failures

Cracking - Flaking

Foaming - Cratering


Mud Cracking


Picture Framing

Poor Scrub Resistance

Poor Sheen Uniformity

Poor Stain Resistance

Poor Flow - Leveling

Poor Hiding

Roller Marks - Stipple

Roller Spattering


Surfactant Leaching




Exterior Paint Problems


Chalk Run down
Cracking Flaking

Dirt Pickup
Efflorescence - Mottling
Fading-Poor Color Retention



Nailhead Rusting

Paint Incompatibility

Poor Galvanized Metal Adhesion
Poor Alkali Resistance
Poor Gloss Retention

Surfactant Leaching

Tannin Staining

Vinyl Siding Warp

Wax Bleed



Interior & Exterior Painting

Antiquing Paint
Antique Gold
Beyond Brushes
Caring for Paintbrushes
Chalkboard Paint
Choosing Paint Colors
Color Washing
Discontinued Wallpaper Books
Estimate Wallpaper
Hanging Border
Lumpy Paint
Magnetic Paint
Painting a Ceiling
Paint a Paneled Door
Painting a Room
Paint Acoustic Tile
Paint Applications
Paint Spruce-ups
Paint Stains
Paint Steps
Paint Storage
Paint Techniques
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Paint Tips
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Painting Furniture
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Painting Tips
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Patch Plaster
Patching Drywall
Peeling Paint
Prep Walls for Paint
Sagging Wallpaper
Shadow Striping
Smooshing Paint
Spray Painting
Store and Dispose of Paint and Chemicals
Stripping Hardware
Torn Wallpaper
Wallpaper Bubbles
Wallpaper Cutouts
Wallpaper Problems
Wallpaper Removal


The Home Repair Guide

Appliance on Fire

Air Pollution in Home

Appliance Plug or Cord Defective

Bathtub Stopper Defective

Carpet Is Stained

Carbon Monoxide in Home

Central Humidifier Overflows

Central Humidifier Is Noisy

Chimney Overheated or on Fire

Circuit Wiring Overloads

Central Air Conditioner Quits

Clothes Washer Quits

Cordless Phone Defective

Defects in Wallpaper

Defects in Wallboard

Dishwasher Malfunctions

Drain Pipes Are Clogged

Drawer Is Stuck

Doorbell Defective

Door Won’t Close Correctly

Earthquake Threatens Home

Excessive Moisture in Home

Electrical Circuit Fails

Electric Blanket Doesn’t Work

Excessive Lead Around Home

Electrical Plug Detective

Fire Inside Home

Fuel Supply Is Cut Off

Furniture Finish Damaged

Flood Threatens Home

Floors or Stairs Squeak

Faucet Drips

Faucet Handle Leaks

Fixture Drain Is Clogged

Furnace Doesn’t Work

Furnace Makes Noises

Garage Door Opener Quits

Garage Door Opener Won’t Close

Gas Smell in Home

Gas Detector Sounds

Gas Appliance Venting Faulty

Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter Device Defective

Home Has Been Flooded

Home Suffers Earthquake

Home Wiring Inadequate

Home Wiring Short Circuits

Hole in Wallboard

Hole or Crack in Plaster

Hurricane Threatens Home

Ice Dams Form on Roof

Light Switch Defective

Light Switch Defective

Lamp Socket Defective

Microwave Doesn’t Work

Manual Garage Door Won’t Open

Mold and Mildew Inside Home

Outlet Receptacle Defective

Oven Thermostat Faulty

Oven Light Burns Out

Power Supply Is Cut Off

Portable Humidifier Malfunctions

Portable Dehumidifier Defective

Physical Contact with Electricity

Phone Doesn’t Work

Radon in Home

Radiator Valve Leaks

Refrigerator Malfunctions

Resilient Floor Is Damaged

Room Air Conditioner Quits

Roof Shingles Leak

Screens Punctured or Torn

Screens Need Replacement

Smoke Detector Sounds

Showerhead Holes Are Clogged

Septic System Backs Up

Special Coverings Stained

Sink Disposal Jammed Up

Steam Iron Works Poorly

Stove Elements Defective

Structural Wood Is Rotting

The well-stocked toolbox

Thermostat Doesn't Work

Thermostat Malfunctions

Thermostat Needs Adjustment

Tile Wall Is Crumbling

Tornado Threatens Home

Toilet Is Plugged Up

Toilet (Old-Style) Runs

Toilet (New-Style) Runs

Toilet Flush Inadequate

Toilet Makes Noises

Toilet Base Leaks

Tub-Wall Seal Leaks

Vinyl Floor Is Stained

Water Heater Leaks

Water Heater Makes Noises

Water Heater Overheats

Water Pipe Leaks

Water Pipes Are Frozen

Water Pipes Are Noisy

Water Pressure Is Low

Well Is Running Dry

Water from Heater Smells

Water in Basement

Window Glass Is Broken

Window Frame Is Stuck

Wood Floor Is Stained

Wood Screws Won’t Tighten

Wood Shingles Damaged



Preparing to paint - How much paint?
Consider the surface type - Preparing a good surface
Removing flaking paint - How to fill holes
Preparing paint - Why use a paint bucket
When to sieve paint - Paintbrush know how
Painting walls & ceiling > Order of work - How to apply latex paint
Beading - Cutting in
Painting with a roller - When to use paint pad
How to paint a ceiling - Using masking tape
Painting outlet covers - Adding details
How to prepare bare wood - |How to paint bare wood

Repainting woodwork - Smoothing between coats

Painting between rooms - How to varnish wood

Procedure for doors - How to paint baseboards

Procedure for windows

Remedy faults

How to make a tinted oil glaze - Applying a glaze

Sponging on - Sponging off

Dragging - Ragging

Rag rolling - Bagging

Stippling - Store bought textured paint

glazing your walls - glazing wood

Pickling wood


How to remove old wallpaper

Sizing surfaces | Mixing paste | Measuring cutting lining paper

How to Repair Cracks and Holes in Your Walls

Paint Your Room in This Order

How to Paint Ceilings

Tips for Painting Walls

Sponging on