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Paint Terms Beginning with the Letter: J

JOINT TAPE: Special paper or paper-faced cotton tape used over joints between wallboard to conceal the joint and provide a smooth surface for painting.

JOINT CEMENT: Cement used for dry wall construction; also used as a bedding compound for joint tape and as a filler for nail holes.


Painting tips & tricks of the day

Doing clean touch ups
During light painting jobs, put a "Zip Lock" type sandwich bag in a plastic margarine tub and fold the bag edges over the rim. Pour the paint into the bag of your "paint tray" and once the job is over, remove the bag and seal it, or throw it away.


Giving old wood a fresh look
Exterior wood siding can be painted, or stripped and painted. Strip paint using a torch by burning the old paint and scraping it lightly being careful not to damage the wood. Clean the surface with trisodium phosphate (TSP), which you can find in the paint department of your local home renovation centre. Repair siding where needed and caulk. If you are repainting in the same colour, apply the finishing coat after the wood is dry. If you are changing colours, apply a primer coat followed by the new colour, using exterior paint (an oil based primer will be necessary if going from oil to latex). Avoid painting in full sun, at sunset, in the early morning, in the rain or in the wind. To keep bugs from sticking to the fresh paint, simply add two tablespoons of citronella to the paint.


Painting Tips & Ideas

Antiquing Paint
Antiquing gives instant charm to tired old furniture, so scour those tag sales, attics or basements for a find! You can antique any piece of furniture, but I've found that pieces with carvings, turned legs or raised moldings look the best...

Antique Gold
Antiqued gold home accessories are beautiful, but they can be pricey. Well I can show you how to take a yard sale find and make it into a masterpiece...

Beyond Brushes
Look around your home, there are all sorts of everyday items that you can use to give you a cool paint technique and great texture for just about any room...

Caring for Paintbrushes
You'll end up with a great paint job every time if you take care of your brushes...


Chalkboard Paint
A chalkboard is great for jotting down notes and a great place for kids to draw, but they can be expensive. An easy and inexpensive way to make your own is with chalkboard paint! It looks like any other spray paint, but it dries to a chalkboard finish...

Choosing Paint Colors
Painting a room can be a big project if you don't know where to begin. I have some advice...


Color Washing
If you thought color washing was a difficult paint technique to achieve, think again...




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