Guide To Easy Home Improvement


There are potentially hundreds of little problems inside a house, condo, apartment, or wherever we reside.

Ever think some of them seem too small to call someone in for repairs, or that some are so big that you just don’t want to pay someone else to do them? Well, this projects is for you enjoy. With a little knowledge, you can fix anything—and everything—around your house.

How to repair a minor crack in concrete - How to fill a gap in concrete - How to repair a small hole in concrete.

How to repair a crack in plaster - How to repair a hole in plaster

How to repair a crack in drywall - How to repair a bigger hole in drywall - How to repair a large hole in drywall

How to clean discolored grout

How to replace grout or a broken tile

How to recaulk a tub or shower stall

Patching Wallpaper and Removing Bubbles

How To Remove Wallpaper


How Much Paint Should I Buy

Mixing Opening and Preserving Paint

How Do I Choose a Paintbrush or Roller

Painting Interiors Page 1 of 2

Painting Wood

How to heat strip wood

How to chemically strip wood

How to patch varnished wood

How to prepare and paint a concrete floor

Hardwood Floors -> Determine Your Finish

Hardwood Floors --> Choosing Stains and Finishes

Sanding a Hardwood Floor

Hardwood Floors - Repairing Any Holes

How to remove stains from hardwood floors

Repairing Carpet

How to restretch carpet

How to fix small cuts and scratches in vinyl flooring

How to fix larger tears and burns in vinyl flooring

Repairing or Replacing Loose Hinges

How to fix a sticky door

Home Repair Glossary

How to add or replace weather stripping

Installing a Peephole

How to fix sliding door tracks

Flow to adjust or align your strike plate

How to replace or fix a doorknob

Installing a Doorstop


More Projects coming soon...

You can go here: The Home Repair Guide






The Home Repair Guide

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