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There's no need to make multiple calls and set up different appointments for your home maintenance and repair projects.

Your Do-it-Yourself woodworking projects, plans, fix it, repair it, replace it, information Site.

You to can be your own handyman around the house, all you need is some information.
Do all or part of the work yourself, making you your own Weekend Handyman.



Do-it-yourself appliances maintenance and weekend fix- it projects.


Apply Asphalt Shingles
Correct Common Paint Problems
Frame and Hang a Door
Install Plastic Laminate Countertops
Installing Window Film Yourself
Install Outdoor Wiring
Install Hinges

Lay a Brick Walk
Put up Gutters and Downspouts
Replace Paneling
Repairing Small Dents in Wallboard
Repair Downspouts and Gutters

Set a Stone Walk or Patio
Unstop Clogged Drains
Tips-that Make Painting Easier

Work With Plastic Piping

Waterproof Your Basement

Work with Concrete

Air Conditioner Maintenance
Clothes Dryer Vent Maintenance
Clothes Washer Maintenance
Dishwasher Maintenance
Furnace Maintenance
Microwave Oven Maintenance
Refrigerator Freezer Maintenance
Range Vent Hood Maintenance
Range Oven Maintenance
Water Heater Maintenance

Products and services

Ceramic Tile & Stone
Chimneys, Stoves & Fireplaces
House Plans
Kitchen & Bath
Lighting & Electrical
Moulding & Millwork
Paints & Sundries
Restoration Hardware
Roofing & Gutters
Siding & Walls - Exterior
Specialty Items & Resources
Structural Products
Tools & Equipment
Used and Salvaged Materials
Walls & Ceilings
Yard & Garden

Home improvement, do it yourself, repair tips advice and help on furniture care, plumbing, cleaning, maintenance, stains, restoration, light bulbs, fans, bathrooms, electrical, lighting, floors, Windows, Doors, workshop, Tools, etc.

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Tip # 2: Air Fresheners

Most commercial air fresheners do not freshen the air at all. Instead, they mask one odor with another, coat your nasal passages with an undetectable oil film...

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Tip # 10: Garden ID Tags

Take old or unneeded Venetian blind slats and cut them into 8-inch strips. Cut a point on one end for pushing into the dirt. These are rigid, waterproof and great for writing the name of each particular flower or vegetables on.

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Around the House - Home Maintenance & Repair Tips

Around the House

Cleaning Fans
Combating Odors
Drain Deodorizers
Easy Clean-ups
Eliminate Smoke Odors
Furnace Maintenance
Furniture Layout
Grab Bag
Home Efficiency
Home Essentials
Kitchen Tips
Nail Pops
Odor Eliminators
Radiator Check-up
Rust Problems
Sharpen It Up
Wax Removal Guide
Wood Furniture Care


Shower Doors
Bathroom Organization
Bathroom Surface Renewal
Caulk a Tub
Change Toilet Hardware
Install A Vanity
Remove a Vanity
Remove Bathtub Decals
Repair Porcelain
Repairing Grout
Replace a Tile
Replacing Grout
Seal Grout
Shower Head Clog
Toilet Care



Shower Doors
Bathroom Organization
Bathroom Surface Renewal
Caulk a Tub
Change Toilet Hardware
Install A Vanity
Remove a Vanity
Remove Bathtub Decals
Repair Porcelain
Repairing Grout
Replace a Tile
Replacing Grout
Seal Grout
Shower Head Clog
Toilet Care


Electrical & Lighting

Broken Bulbs
Ceiling Fans
Change a Light Fixture
Electric Ideas
Lighting Options

Floors, Windows & Doors

Bi-Fold Door Problems
Carpet Care
Carpet Stains
Change a Doorknob
Clean Mini-Blinds
Cleaning Curtains & Draperies
Coping With Baseboards
Crushed Carpet
Curtain Adaptation
Deadbolt Locks
Door Mouldings
Door Viewer
Door sweep
Dusting Doors
Fix a Doorbell
Hanging Curtains
Install a Security Deadbolt
Install Mini-Blinds
Keeping Carpets Clean
Lock Problems
Masonry Waterproofing
Patching Carpets
Re-Finish Hardwood Floors
Refinish Hardwoods
Reparing Screens
Sliding Door Maintenance
Steel Door Solutions
Vacuuming Effectively
Window Lock
Window Washing
Wood Floor Care





Do it Yourself Projects

Aligning the Bolt and Strike Plate

Adjusting an Out-of-Balance Door

Adding a Telephone Extension

Building a Multilevel Deck

Building a Ground-Level Deck

Building a Single-Level Raised Deck

Building a Low-Level Deck

Building a Closet Organizer

Building Utility Shelves

Constructing a Built-In Shelving Unit

Freeing a Sticking Door

Framing a Prehung Interior Door

Fixing Leaky Sink Strainers

Finishing Inside Corners

Finishing Outside Corners


Getting Ready to Paint

Hanging Borders

Installing Cabinet Drawer Fronts

Installing Cabinet Doors

Installing a Security Lock

Installing an Entry Door

Installing Split-Jamb Interior Doors

Installing a Cable TV Jack

Installing Coaxial TV Cable

Installing a Programmable Thermostat

Installing a Ceiling Fan

Installing a Dimmer Switch

Installing a Three-Way Switch

Installing Specialty Switches

Installing Cement Backerboard

Installing Landscape Timber Edging

Installing Plastic Edging

Installing Metal Edging

Installing Wood Edging

Installing Sawtooth Brick Edging

Installing Flat Brick Edging

Installing Precast Concrete Edging

Installing Gutter Liners

Installing a New Flush Valve

Installing A Plunger-Valve Ballcock

Installing a Water Purifier

Installing A New Faucet

Installing a Toilet

Installing a Closet-Organizer System

Installing Stationary Brackets

Installing Adjustable Brackets

Installing Beaded-Board Wainscoting

Laying Out the Tiles

Laying Out Square Corners

Laying Out Arcs

Laying Out Straight Edges

Laying Out Free-form Curves

Maintaining Garage Door Openers

Making Minor Adjustments

Masking Wood Trim

Mitering Border Corners

Maintaining Your Storm Doors

Painting Flat Doors

Painting a Door (While Attached)

Painting a Door (Unattached)

Painting Trim

Painting Window Frames

Painting Exterior Windows

Painting Soffits and Fascia

Painting Jambs, Casings, and Trim

Patching Peeling Paint

Patching Large Holes in Wallboard

Patching Small Holes in Wallboard

Patching a Screen

Replacing Hinges

Replacing Door Pulls

Refinishing a Redwood or Cedar Deck

Renewing Your Deck

Refinishing a Pressure-Treated Deck

Replacing a Step

Repairing Decking and Joists

Replacing a Stair Railing

Replacing a Deck Railing

Roll-Up Door Maintenance Tips

Recessed Lighting

Replacing a Wall Switch

Removing Ceramic Tile

Removing Carpet

Removing Wood Flooring

Removing and Replacing Thresholds

Replacing a Threshold

Replacing Worn Valve Seats

Resurfacing Valve Seats

Repairing Leaky Downspout Joints

Repairing Leaky Metal Gutters

Replacing a Sink Sprayer

Removing Old Faucets

Removing a Toilet

Replacing Drain Traps

Removing Stains

Removing Mildew

Removing Wallpaper

Resetting Popped Nails

Replacing a Threshold

Replacing a Screen in a Wooden Frame

Replacing a Screen in a Metal Frame

Replacing a Screen in an Aluminum

Setting the Tiles

Stopping Squeaks

Troubleshooting Your Thermostat

Track Lighting

Testing a Light Socket

Testing a Receptacle for Power

Taping Joints

Under-Cabinet Lighting

Unclogging a Sink Drain Trap

Unclogging Toilet Drains

Unclogging Shower Drains

Using Chemical Strippers

Using a Heat Gun

Weatherproofing Your Entry Door

Weatherproofing Other Door Types

Weatherproofing Other Window Types

Weatherproofing Your Windows

Home Improvement Help and Maintenance Tips

Tips and home repair advice

Deck Maintenance Tips
Energy Saving Tips
Garage Door Safety
Holiday Safety Tips
Protect Your Family

Radon Testing
Selecting a Handyman
Winter Home Maintenance


Air Conditioning and Heating
Bathroom Remodeling
Electrical Tips
Flooring Tips
Gardening and Landscaping
Home Security Tips
Kitchen Remodeling
Lighting Tips
Painting Tips
Pest Control Tips
Plumbing Tips
Remodeling and Repair
Roofing Tips
Swimming Pools and Spas
Window Repair and Replacement




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