How to Minimize Brush Marks

There are four things you can do to help minimize brush marks and leave a smooth surface on your paint job:

Set your loaded brush down on a dry section of the wall - or the trim, or siding, or whatever you're painting - and to lift it from a previously coated, still wet section.

Make sure your paint is the right consistency. Thicker paint holds marks more than thinner paint does. If you've left paint in a closed can overnight, it will dry out and thicken up a little. Thoroughly stir the paint and, if it seems too thick, add thinner sparingly - you don't want to get it too thin. Stir it thoroughly and try it again.

The right brush and to make sure it is in the best condition. Oil-based paint, shellacs and varnishes should be applied with a china bristle brush.

Latex paint and stain should be applied with a good quality nylon/polyester brush. These are often labeled "for use with all paints." Better synthetic filament brushes have more 'flags' - the splits at the end of each filament - and the filaments are round and solid, not flat or hollow. In other words, they more closely mimic real bristles. Good quality nylon/polyester brushes are only slightly less expensive than good china bristle brushes - say $30 for a 4" sash brush, for example.

There's also the issue of the cleanness of the brush. If a brush has not been thoroughly cleaned, all the way back into the ferrule, and the bristles and filaments combed straight and wrapped in a cover to dry, they may start to bond together into small spikes.




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