Antique Gold

Antiqued gold home accessories are beautiful, but they can be pricey. Well I can show you how to take a yard sale find and make it into a masterpiece.

TIP 1: Gently sand the item that you're planning to paint to get rid of any rough spots. Then wipe it clean with a tack cloth to get rid of any residue.

TIP 2: Brush a couple of coats of gold paint onto the frame and allow it to dry.

TIP 3: Once the paint is dry you may want to scuff it up a little with some fine sandpaper to give it a time worn feeling, use your judgment on how much is enough for your piece.

TIP 4: Grab a clean brush and some dark varnish.

TIP 5: Lightly brush the stain over the surface letting a good amount of paint show through. You may need to wipe some off in certain areas to achieve the look you want. When you're finished with the varnish simply allow to dry.


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