Painting a Ceiling

If you've been putting off painting the ceiling because you think it's a headache. Don't worry, and don't put if off any longer, it's easy, I'll show you!

Tape off the walls and light fixtures and cover the floor with a drop cloth.

You'll need a ladder to do your cutting in but an extension handle on your roller makes the painting process a lot faster and less tiring. I also recommend using a bucket with a paint grid placed on a non-skid pad; it's easier to work with than a tray when using an extension handle.

Pull a shower cap over your hair before you start you won't have to worry about ceiling drips.

Cut in all of the edges with a wheeled paint pad, I find this a lot neater and easier to control than a paintbrush.

Grab your roller and paint the ceiling. Work across the width of the room rather than the length. Latex paint dries fast so work quickly to avoid lap marks in the finished ceiling.


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