Paint Acoustic Tile

Whether you've had water damage or just years of wear and tear an acoustic tile ceiling can lose it's clean look over time, if you'd like the look back, paint. It's easy.

Carefully remove a few tiles from the ceiling and place them on a painter's drop cloth.

If you have water damage on your tiles I would recommend sealing it with some stain sealing primer before you paint.

When the tiles are all prepped, use a roller and some regular wall paint to carefully roll an even coat of paint onto them. Allow the paint to dry and repeat the process for the rest of the tiles.

While you have the tiles off of the ceiling you may want to paint the grid that they rest in. Tape off the walls surrounding the grid so you don't have to re-paint them too. Work on a ladder that is tall enough so that you're not standing on the top step. Use a small foam brush to paint the grid. This type of brush will help you get a nice smooth finish.


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