Beyond Brushes

Look around your home, there are all sorts of everyday items that you can use to give you a cool paint technique and great texture for just about any room.

With any technique make sure that you have a nice base coat before you get started painting.

First idea, plastic grocery bags. Put on a pair of rubber gloves. Roll your favorite paint color onto the wall. Then, use a crumpled grocery bag to dab off some of the paint, this technique will leave you with a funky mottled effect.

Another tool, old clothes. Use them in much the same way that you would a plastic bag. The rags will give you a softer effect.

You can also try sponges. Dip a dry sponge into some paint, scrape or dab away the excess and then sponge a random pattern onto the wall. If you want more detail all you need to do is repeat the process with a second complimentary color!

Finally, potatoes. Cut a large baking potato in half. Draw a simple pattern onto the white of the potato. Then use a sharp utility knife to carve away anything that doesn't belong. Blot the potato onto a piece of paper towel to remove excess moisture and then dip the potato in paint, blot it on a paper towel and stamp it onto the wall. The potato will give you a vintage stencil look.


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