Paint Storage

Storing paint is one of those things that you're never sure you're doing right. Here are some easy tips to keep your paint fresh for the next time you need it.

If there isn't enough paint left to justify storing the can, pour the excess paint into an old glass jar. You can see the color and amount left through the glass and it will be on hand for touch ups.

If you are storing your paint in the can, just mark the level of the paint on the outside of the can. Also, swipe a paintbrush over the top so you know the color.

To prevent a skin from forming on your paint while it's in storage, put the can on a sheet of wax paper or aluminum foil and trace the size. Cut out the circle and place it directly on the surface of the paint in the can. This will protect the paint and keep it fresh. Storing the cans upside down will accomplish the same thing!

Protect yourself from paint splatters when you're closing paint cans by covering the top with a cloth or some plastic wrap. Then tap all the way around the lid with a rubber mallet. This will seal the can tightly, but won't dent it like a hammer could.


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