Paint Textured Walls

Textured wall surfaces, like stucco and raised paneling, require special attention when you're painting them! I have some ideas to help you!

Prep work is the same for this job as any other paint job, cover floors, open windows and tape off anything that you don't want painted.

To tackle this job, you need a few things. A long nap roller to reach into crevices on a surface. A wide paintbrush - commonly called a wall brush. You get better coverage with this.

Cut in the edges using a regular brush; wiggle the brush back and forth while cutting the lines so you're sure to get into the little nooks and crannies.

Now to paint the wall, use the large wall brush in a cross hatching or diagonal back and forth motion over the surface to give yourself nice even coverage. Cross-hatching will do a couple of things. It will get into the crevices and also ensures a random pattern so you won't see brush strokes, which could be a problem if you used an up and down straight technique. If you prefer you can use the long nap roller, but I like the coverage I get with the brush.


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