Paint Tips

Painting problems? No worries here, I have some tips to help you out.

After you're finished stirring your paint, don't throw away that stick. Let it dry and then write the color, room, brand, and store and purchase date on the other side of the stick. Keep it in a safe place, this way you'll have all of the information you need about your paint, and if it's ever discontinued you'll have a great sample for a color match.

If you're changing the color of your room it is worth the small investment to buy a quart of paint to test the color. Paint a good-sized swatch onto the wall and live with it for a few days before making a decision. You'll get a much better feeling than if you simply hold one of those small swatches up to the wall.

When starting a painting job, pull on a pair of latex gloves. They won't get in the way and you'll have less clean up when you're through.

Small rollers are great for squeezing into small spaces, but refills are expensive. Instead try a ladies sponge curler. It's the same material but you get a whole package for very little money.

When you're finished painting blow into the can before you seal it. The carbon dioxide that you exhale will prevent a skin from forming on the paint. Or store the paint can upside down to prevent that skin! Just remember to have the lid on tight.


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