Paint Types

Because there are so many different kinds of paint, it can be really confusing when you want to start a project. Here is a quick guide that should help you out:

For bathrooms and kitchens you should use a glossy finish paint. Stains will wash off easily with water, and the walls will reflect light which will make the room seem brighter.

A flat or satin paint will absorb light for a cozy look. Just make sure that you check the paint can before you buy, some of these paints can't be washed which could be a real problem if pets or children will be near the walls.

Pay attention to whether you're picking up interior or exterior paints. Each is manufactured to withstand certain environments, so use it where it belongs.

If it's furniture you're looking to paint, you should go with a latex enamel. It is a tough, shiny finish that will stand up to constant wear!


House Painting Tips & Ideas

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