Painter's Toolbox

You want to paint a room. You know you need paint and brushes and rollers, but what else will help your project? I have the perfect painter's toolbox!

Get a drop cloth for the floor and some paper edging or painter's masking tape to protect your woodwork. These special types of tape don't stick as much as the regular versions, so you won't damage the areas you're taping.

Although you can use a trim brush to cut in around corners and woodwork, there are some great tools that will make the job easier. A wheeled edger will rest on the ceiling or woodwork and make a perfect line every time. To get into those tight corners, try a pointed roller.

Good lighting is important for a great paint job. Keep a clamp-on light with your painting tools. This will ensure that you see well while you're working.

You should also wear a mask to protect yourself from the fumes. There are lots of choices on the market from simple white masks to a full respirator.

Some aluminum foil will line your paint pan and make cleanup easier.

A paper plate under the can will catch drips, and a string across the top of the can tied to the handles is a great place to dab off your brush, the excess will drip back in the can.


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