Painting Clean-up

Cleaning up after painting doesn't have to be a huge job. I have a few ideas to make it quick and easy.

Before cleaning a latex paint roller, bend a wire coat hanger in half and run it along the length of the roller. This will squeeze out excess paint so you won't have as much to clean up. Slip the roller inside a tennis ball can and fill it with soapy water. Put the top on and shake it up to get the soap and water all over and let it sit for a few hours. When you come back you'll be able to just rinse it clean!

If you line your paint pan with a plastic shopping bag before you start, it will act as a liner and you can just turn it inside out to throw it away when you're finished. No mess.

To clean that paint off of your hands, try some vegetable oil. Just rub it in and the paint will come right off. As a bonus, the oil will soften your skin too!

If you got some splatters of paint on a window, hold a cloth dipped in warm vinegar over the spot. When the paint has softened a little, scrape it off with a spatula. Try some nail polish remover if the splatters are from oil-based paint.

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