Painting Ideas

It's amazing what a fresh coat of paint can do for an old piece of furniture, but sometimes it can just be a big hassle. Follow these simple ideas your projects will be a lot easier.

When you're painting a chair or table, put paper plates under the legs before your start. they'll catch drips that may otherwise end up on the floor.

An easy way to get around chair and table legs it to wear a thick cotton glove, get the paint on the glove and wrap your hand around the leg, this gives you even coverage all the way around.

To paint a dresser or cabinet with small knobs, remove the knobs so that you get nice even coverage on the piece, but before you start, stick a toothpick in this hole so that it doesn't get painted over.

An easy way to paint those knobs is to stick them to a piece of double sided carpet tape, then they will stay in place while you're painting.


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