Painting Pointers

Sure you know the basics of painting, but sometimes it's the little hints that can make the job go more smoothly. I have some painting pointers to help you out!

Before you tape off your borders, rub the stub of an old candle around the edges on both sides of your roll of tape. This will help keep paint from sticking to the tape and pulling off of the wall when you remove it!

If your room calls for more than a gallon of paint, mix the two cans together. Even though the paint was mixed using the same formula it can have variations from can to can and you don't want that showing up on your walls!

When cutting in keep a wet edge to prevent a hatband you know that line of paint that looks different than the walls where you cut in. To do this, work in small areas at a time and then roll the walls blending the paint as you go. Or work with a buddy, one of you can cut in while the other rolls the walls.

To remove your roller from its handle for cleaning, slip a plastic grocery bag over it, and pull the two apart. Simply drop the roller in your cleaning solution and toss the bag.

To clean the paint out of a paint pad, run it over a wire mesh screen under warm soapy water!


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