Painting Preparation

You have the paint, the pan and the rollers, but do you have the right prep materials? It is an important step that you shouldn't overlook.

You need a low tack tape or sticky backed brown paper to tape off moldings, baseboards and trim. Use a plastic putty knife to make sure you have a nice tight seal and if you do drip it won't seep under the tape.

If you have a large window or doorway save time by draping a plastic drop cloth across the entire surface to protect the wood. Attach it to the frame with the tape.

Remove the covers from outlets, switch plates and registers. You may think you can paint around them but the job will look more professional if the paint job looks seamless.

Don't forget the ceiling, any time you paint a room you should paint the ceiling. It will make the whole space look bright and new.

Turn off any overhead fixtures at the circuit box. Unscrew the cover plate from the fixture and drop it away from the ceiling. Cover it with a plastic bag to protect it while you paint.

Cover the floors with drop cloths sealed at the edges with painter's tape and put a big piece of poster board by the door. This will remind you to check your feet before you leave the room so you don't accidentally track paint through the house.


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