Painting Woodwork

Painting woodwork is a big project. Well I have a few ideas to give you the know how to get a great finish.

Whether you're painting new wood or repainting the existing woodwork the key to a nice result is good prep work. First, sand. A palm sander will help make quick work of this tedious task. For tight spots use a sanding block, or even a nail file.

Clean the sanding dust away with a tack cloth.

Choose your paint tools wisely, a sash or trim brush will do a nice job, but if you're a novice you might want to opt for a foam brush. Their chiseled ends make it easier for you to cut into tight corners and you won't end up with brush strokes in your finish.

If you're working on new wood you need to prime the surface well with a sealing primer. This is important for a couple of reasons: you'll seal knotholes so that they won't bleed through your finish coat. Plus, a good primer will cut the number of paint coats that you need and primer is less expensive than paint!

If you don't feel like taping off before you start, use a squeegee as a guide. Simply hold it in place, paint along the edge then move to the next area. The rubber blade will seal up imperfections in the wall surface. A tip, if you coat the blade with a petroleum jelly before you start it will be a lot easier when you go to clean it up.


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