Peeling Paint

It could be a poor paint job, the weather or a host of other things. But small areas of peeling paint shouldn't be ignored; I'll show you what to do.

STEP 1: The first step in fixing this paint problem is to scrape away as much of the paint as you can to reveal the bare wood underneath. This step will ensure that your new paint has something to grip and you won't end up with the same problem next year.

STEP 2: Once you're done scraping, wipe down the area with a damp cloth and let it dry.

STEP 3: The secret to patching is in the priming, just like a room you will need to cut in and fill. Load your brush with some paint and cut in along the edges of each board.

STEP 4: Work the paint into the crevice where the boards meet each other along the top and bottom of each board, feathering into the paint that is not peeling.

STEP 5: Once that's done, use a small roller and long, even strokes to cover the length of each board. Work with the grain of the wood.

STEP 6: Allow the primer to dry for several hours, and repeat the process with your house paint.


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