Color Washing

If you thought color washing was a difficult paint technique to achieve, think again. I'll tell you how easy it really is!

Choose two latex satin paint colors. A good piece of advice is to select colors in the same family. Then they complement each other, and the effect is subtle instead of overbearing.

Paint a base coat on the entire wall and allow it to dry completely.

Get a large shallow pan, some rags, latex gloves and a bucket of cool clean water.

Mix three parts paint to one part water for the topcoat.

Dip the rag into the mixture. Ring it out well, and then start washing it onto the walls. Use large random circles and work from top to bottom, and left to right. (Make sure that you step back from the wall every so often, so you can see where you need more paint or blending.) When your cloth gets too saturated rinse it off and wring it out really well or switch to another one.

To soften the look, use a clean damp rag to blend the paint more before it dries.


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