Hanging Border

Hanging a wallpaper border is an easy project that can give any room a whole new look.

If you're painting the room, do it a week in advance, so the paint will be completely dry and the border will adhere. If you aren't painting, just make sure the walls are clean and smooth. Mark a guideline around the perimeter.

Roll the border so it's paste side out. You'll want to make sure that it isn't a tight roll so you can get all of the paste wet.

Put the roll into a tray of water for 15 to 30 seconds. You'll want to make sure that your tray is deep enough to cover the entire roll.

Remove the border from the tray and slowly fold it paste sides together into a book or accordion. When it is all folded, let it sit for a minute or two.

Start in an inconspicuous spot like behind the door. Just smooth the border onto the wall with a damp sponge. Make sure you get rid of bubbles as you go.

When a section is up, all you have left to do is clean it with a fresh sponge to get rid of any paste residue.


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