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  General Paint
General Paint is dedicated to providing quality products and excellence in customer service.
Our over 300 dealers throughout Canada carry hundreds of paint and related products, and our colour system
offers thousands of colours.
  Para Paints
One of the fastest growing paint brands in North America, PARA Paints is a line of premium quality architectural paints, stains, varnishes and faux finishing products. Supplying the contract, maintenance, design and consumer markets via independent paint and wallpaper specialists. PARA is in constant touch with its customers, anticipating and responding to their demands and needs. Throughout its history, the company has never compromised on personalized service, value and quality.
  Pittsburgh Paints
A tradition was established early with PPG and Pittsburgh® Paints- use the best technology, manufacture the best quality products, and provide exceptional, dedicated service. Today, that steadfast commitment to excellence is evident in every aspect of our business. We offer solutions for contractors, architects, specifiers, paint dealers and consumers in all markets. Today, Pittsburgh Paints and PPG High Performance Coatings continue the foremost tradition of supplying the high quality, comprehensive product lines and leading-edge technologies.
  Sherwin-Williams paints
Whether a do-it-yourselfer or industry professional, we offer the quality products, services, tools and advice you need to get your job done right.
  Pratt & Lambert
We have a full line of top quality house paints and stains for the Do-It-Yourselfer as well as a complete line of industrial and maintenance coating for the trade industries.

Painting tips

Paint a room! The order in which to paint a room is essentially top to bottom. That means start with the ceiling, then do the walls and finally paint all the woodwork. To paint a ceiling, begin by painting the edge of the ceiling along the walls with a brush. Paint out about 2" to 3" onto the ceiling. This will provide an area to overlap with the roller.
The easiest way to paint a ceiling is with a roller and an extension handle. This allows you to stand on the floor while you paint. If need be, you can use a stepladder, but it is much slower going and awkward. Start in the corner of the room and work your way across the narrowest dimension of the room with a band about 4 feet wide. Continue back and forth across the room until you are finished.

Painting Tips

Paint Applications
You have your paint, your drop cloth and tape, but what's the best applicator for the job? Well I have some ideas...

Paint Spruce-ups
If your paint job is looking a little dull, you can perk it up with very little time and effort. Here are a few techniques that you can use to add color and texture to your walls...

Paint Stains
Lets face it, paint spills are a big mess, but they don't have to be permanent. I have some easy tips to help you get rid of any latex paint stain...

Paint Steps
Don't want to paint yourself into a corner? How about getting stuck up or down the steps after you paint them...

Paint Storage
Storing paint is one of those things that you're never sure you're doing right. Here are some easy tips to keep your paint fresh for the next time you need it...


Paint Techniques
If you'd like to add a little interest to your paint job, I have some decorative techniques that are easy to do and will give a great result...


Paint Textured Walls
Textured wall surfaces, like stucco and raised paneling, require special attention when you're painting them...

Paint Tips
Painting problems? No worries here, I have some tips to help you out...

Paint Tool Prep
I'm sure you know how to prep a room for a paint job, but what about your tools? Well I have some easy ideas to get you to a picture perfect finish...

Paint Types
Because there are so many different kinds of paint, it can be really confusing when you want to start a project. Here is a quick guide that should help you out...

Painter's Toolbox
You want to paint a room. You know you need paint and brushes and rollers, but what else will help your project? I have the perfect painter's toolbox...

Painting Clean-up
Cleaning up after painting doesn't have to be a huge job. I have a few ideas to make it quick and easy...


Painting Formica
If you're looking for an easy and inexpensive way to spruce up a Formica backsplash, try painting it...



House Painting Tips & Ideas





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