Room Air Conditioner Quits

Problem: Air conditioner does not operate, or turns off and on sporadically.

Background: Regular care and light maintenance of compact room air conditioners helps assure longer ser vice life and lower operating costs. Most important for maximum cooling is the regular cleaning of the permanent, washable filter, which removes dust, lint, and other air borne particles. It should be checked at least every 30 days of operation. The unit should also be inspected annually by yourself or a technician.

What to do: If the air conditioner is not operating, first check to see if its cord is properly plugged into the outlet. Check the main electrical panel to see if a fuse has blown, or if a breaker has tripped. If this is not the problem, turn on a light to find out if the local power supply has failed. If it has not, check to see if the air conditioner has been accidently turned off.
   If the air conditioner operates intermittently (turns off and on) or does not cool the room, check to see if anything is blocking the front of the unit. Close the doors to adjoining rooms and if the thermostat is set at less than the coldest position, turn it to that position. Also check the filter and coils for dirt accumulation. Be aware that if the air conditioner is being fed power through a long ex tension cord, it may not be getting enough power to operate properly.

Special advice: You should be able to remove the permanent, washable- type filter, and clean it by using a vacuum cleaner. If the filter is extremely dirty or clogged, clean it in warm water with a normal amount of detergent and dry it before replacing. Plastic parts of the unit may also be cleaned with a soapy water solution, using a soft cloth.

Helpful hint: Every year the coils and condensate water passages should be inspected and cleaned, if necessary. Although the compressor is the hermetically sealed type and the fan motor is likely to be permanently oiled, these parts should also be checked annually to ensure that they are in good operating condition.




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