Screens Punctured or Torn

Problem: Accidental contact with screen has resulted in small holes or tears in screening.

Background: Screens with smaller areas of damage that allow insects inside the home can often be easily repaired to avoid the time and expense of replacing the entire screen (see
Screens Need Replacement). A number of repair options are available, depending on the screening material and the size of the damaged area. Ready-made patching kits are available for both metal and plastic-type screening materials. Or use the following procedure to repair a metal screen.

What to do: First trim the damaged area of the metal screen to make the edges smooth. Then cut a rectangular patch of the same type of material, about 1 inch larger than the hole. Next remove 2 or 3 outside wires on the metal screen patch so only single strands exist for about ½ inch on all sides of the patch. Put the patch over the end of a block of wood and bend the single strands 90°, all in one direction, on all sides of the patch. Trim the bent single strands so they are about ¼ inch long and put the patch over the hole from the outside, Push the bent wires through the screen and, holding the patch tight against the screen, bend down the wire ends to ward the center of the hole. (You may need a helper to hold the patch while you bend the wires.)

Special advice: An alternate method, if the damage is a small tear or hole, is to mend by stitching back and forth with a fine wire pulled from extra screening material, or with nylon thread or fine monofilament fishing line.

Helpful hint: When making patches with wire, the result will look better if the wires of the patch are lined up with the wires of the screen. If the wires are only pulled apart, working them back into position with a pencil may solve the problem without patchwork.




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