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Exterior Finishes

How to Finish a Wooden Picnic Table

How to Finish a Wood Table for Outdoor Use

How to Refinish a Wooden Picnic Table

Design by Room

Cool Your House and Save Money

Entrance Door Mat Materials You Should Avoid

Ideas for Decorating Your Bathroom with Vinyl


Exterior Painting Pointers

Tips for Painting with Crusher Dust

Different Types of House Paint Explained

What to Consider When Choosing House Paint Color

Exterior Wall Paint Ideas for Suburban Homes


Exterior Repainting

How to Paint Exterior Masonry Walls Part 1

How to Paint Exterior Masonry Walls Part 2

Painting Tips for Vinyl Clad Windows

Painting Tips for Aluminum Clad Windows


Wood Care

How to Waterproof a Wood Deck

Advantages of Solar Lighting

Advantages of Seamless Gutters

Advantages of Storm Windows

Air Conditioner Maintenance

Air Purifiers

Ant Control Tips

Waterproof your Basement

Basement Floor Options

Basic Deck Maintenance

Basic Fence Maintenance and Repair

Basic Home Faucet Repair

Basic Home Wiring System

Basic Shingle Repair

Benefits of Cork Flooring

Benefits of Gas Heat Systems

Benefits of Wireless Alarm Systems

How to Lay a Brick Walk

Budgeting for a Home Improvement Project

Cabinets Buying Guide

Can I Do it Myself or Should I Hire a Contractor

Cedar Stain (Tannic Acid Bleed)

Home Improvement

The Home Repair Guide

Appliance on Fire

Air Pollution in Home

Appliance Plug or Cord Defective

Bathtub Stopper Defective

Carpet Is Stained

Carbon Monoxide in Home

Central Humidifier Overflows

Central Humidifier Is Noisy

Chimney Overheated or on Fire

Circuit Wiring Overloads

Central Air Conditioner Quits

Clothes Washer Quits

Cordless Phone Defective

Defects in Wallpaper

Defects in Wallboard

Dishwasher Malfunctions

Drain Pipes Are Clogged

Drawer Is Stuck

Doorbell Defective

Door Won’t Close Correctly

Earthquake Threatens Home

Excessive Moisture in Home

Electrical Circuit Fails

Electric Blanket Doesn’t Work

Excessive Lead Around Home

Electrical Plug Detective

Fire Inside Home

Fuel Supply Is Cut Off

Furniture Finish Damaged

Flood Threatens Home

Floors or Stairs Squeak

Faucet Drips

Faucet Handle Leaks

Fixture Drain Is Clogged

Furnace Doesn’t Work

Furnace Makes Noises

Garage Door Opener Quits

Garage Door Opener Won’t Close

Gas Smell in Home

Gas Detector Sounds

Gas Appliance Venting Faulty

Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter Device Defective

Home Has Been Flooded

Home Suffers Earthquake

Home Wiring Inadequate

Home Wiring Short Circuits

Hole in Wallboard

Hole or Crack in Plaster

Cleaning a Paintbrush

Cleaning Glass Accessories

How to Unstop Clogged Drains

Clothes Dryer Vent Maintenance

Clothes Washer Maintenance

How to Work with Concrete

Conventional Oven Care - Conventional Oven Cleaning

How to Install Plastic Laminate Countertops

Cruelty Free Pest Control

Deck Maintenance Tips

Dishwasher Maintenance

Dishwasher Care - Dishwasher-Cleaning

Do I Need to Use Paint Primer?


Do it Yourself Projects

Adding a Telephone Extension

Replacing hinges

Replacing Door Pulls

Installing Cabinet Drawer Fronts

Installing Cabinet Doors

Building a Multilevel Deck

Building a Ground-Level Deck

Building a Single-Level Raised Deck

Building a Low-Level Deck

Refinishing a Redwood or Cedar Deck

Renewing Your Deck

Refinishing a Pressure-Treated Deck

Replacing a Step

Repairing Decking and Joists

Replacing a Stair Railing

Replacing a Deck Railing

Aligning the Bolt and Strike Plate

Freeing a Sticking Door

Installing a Security Lock

Adjusting an Out-of-Balance Door

Maintaining Garage Door Openers

Roll-Up Door Maintenance Tips

Framing a Prehung Interior Door

Installing an Entry Door

Installing Split-Jamb Interior Doors

Painting a Door (While Attached)

Painting a Door (Unattached)


Installing a Cable TV Jack

Installing Coaxial TV Cable

Installing a Programmable Thermostat



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Frequently asked questions

How do colors effect room size?

My room has a chair rail and I am using two colors....?

Should trim work be painted the same color as the walls...?

Will the paint I choose look lighter or darker on the wall?

What is the best way to decide which color is best for my room?

What color should I paint my ceiling?

Will the paint actually match the color chip?



Frequently asked questions

How do I clean my rollers and brushes properly?

How do I dispose of leftover paint?

What can I do to minimize paint odor?


Exterior Painting

Frequently asked questions

Can I paint over aluminum/vinyl siding?

Do I need to wash my house before I paint?

How much paint do I need?

How do I apply the paint?

How do I paint shingles & shakes?

How do I care for freshly painted surfaces?

I have never painted the exterior of my home before....?

What conditions are best for painting my house?

What tools do I need?

What is the proper way to use spray equipment?


Interior Painting

Frequently asked questions

Can I paint directly over wallpaper?

Can I apply latex paint over oil based paint?

Can I apply paint directly over a semi-gloss paint?

Can I use exterior paint on the inside of my house?

How can I best prepare my walls before I paint?

How much paint do I need?

How do I prepare the surface?

How do I take care of my freshly painted surface?

How long should I wait before applying a second coat of paint?

Should I paint the trim before or after I roll the walls?

Why do I need to use a primer?

What is the proper order to follow when painting a room?

When should I apply?

What is the proper rolling technique?


Home Improvement Tips & " How To" Projects

Killing moss on roof

Oil & grease removal from concrete or Oil spots on asphalt

Concrete crack repair

Cracked concrete walls

Concrete repair: Brighten up unsightly concrete

Building up damaged concrete surfaces

Sealing concrete and patio paving stones

Preparing concrete for painting or staining or Previously painted or stained concrete

Asphalt sealer coating

How to repair or How to clean

Wood deck finishing

12 Quick tips

Roof ventilation

Interior door installation and Exterior door installation


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