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 Weekend fix- it projects


Apply Asphalt Shingles
Correct Common Paint Problems
Cleaning the Chimney

Electrical Safety

Fixing A Stopped Up Toilet

Frame and Hang a Door

Floors and Stairs

Fixing Wall Paper

Fixing Wall Switches

Fixing Water Heater Leaks

Fixing Flush Valve Leaks

Fill Tube Siphoning

Handy Tools

How To Use Caulk
Hidden Leak - The Water Heater Pop-Off Valve

Install Plastic Laminate Countertops
Installing Window Film Yourself
Install Outdoor Wiring
Install Hinges

Lay a Brick Walk
Leaking Ball Cock

Put up Gutters and Downspouts
Patch a Hole in your Wall

Plug Types

Replace Paneling
Repairing Small Dents in Wallboard
Removing Bathroom Rust Stains

Repair Downspouts and Gutters

Removing Asphalt Tile Adhesive

Repairing Wall Switches

Removing paint or varnish with chemicals

Removing Paint or varnish by sanding

Removing paint from irregular surfaces

Removing paint with heat

Patching large holes in wallboard

Patching small hole in wallboard

Repair small dent in wallboard

Patching cracks in wallboard

Patching Popcorn Ceiling

Set a Stone Walk or Patio
Spring Home Inspection Tips

Using The Water Meter as A Leak Indicator

Unstop Clogged Drains
Tips-that Make Painting Easier

To Drain a Water Heater

The Wires in Your House

Tips and Tricks

Wood Furniture Repairing Dents

Work With Plastic Piping

Waterproof Your Basement

Work with Concrete


 Appliance Maintenance



Useful Household Tips


Abrasive Cleaners

Air Fresheners

All-Purpose Cleaner

Cleaning Aluminum

Brass cleaner

Cleaning Bronze

Cleaning Chrome

Cleaning Copper

Cleaning Brass


Cleaning Copper

Cleaning Silver

Cleaning Glass Accessories

Decal Remover


Drain Cleaners and Drain Openers

Floor Cleaners and Floor Polishes

Furniture Polish

Cleaning Gold

General stains

Hair Products

Kitchen And Food Odors

Laundry Products

Lime And Mineral Deposit Remover

Oven Cleaner


Pest Control

Paint Brush Renewer

Porcelain Cleaner

Regular Cleaning

Removing Asphalt Tile Adhesive

Rust Remover

Spot Removers

Shoe Polish

Cleaning Silver

Scouring Powder

Stainless Steel

Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Types of Caulking

Wax Remover

Window And Glass Cleaner

Windshield Wiper Fluid




Paint Problems


Cedar Stain (Tannic Acid Bleed)
Lap Marks
Peeling From Plaster Walls
Peeling from Concrete Floors
Peeling from Masonry and Brick
Peeling From Hardboard Siding
Peeling From Mill-Glazed Western Red Cedar or Redwood Siding
Peeling From Asbestos Shingles
Peeling from Galvanized Metal
Poor Hiding Of Colors
Surfactant Leaching
Uneven Gloss
Wax Bleeding on Hardboard Siding

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Products and services

Ceramic Tile & Stone
Chimneys, Stoves & Fireplaces
House Plans
Kitchen & Bath
Lighting & Electrical
Moulding & Millwork
Paints & Sundries
Restoration Hardware
Roofing & Gutters
Siding & Walls - Exterior
Specialty Items & Resources
Structural Products
Tools & Equipment
Used and Salvaged Materials
Walls & Ceilings
Yard & Garden


Exterior Paint
Historic Paint Colors
House Paint
Milk Paint
Paint Remover
Paint Sundries
Paint Strippers
Wallpaper Removal
Wood Epoxy

Super Category

Appliance Cook tops

Central Vacuums
Clothes Dryers
Coffee Makers
Electric Ranges
Garbage Disposers
Gas Ranges
Kitchen Ranges
Microwave Ovens
Range Hoods
Toaster Ovens
Wall Ovens
Washing Machines


Cleaning a paintbrush

Easy rubber cutting

Garbage Fires

Maintain your drains

Preserve your paint brush

Tips for hanging pictures

Window Insulation


Home Improvement Help

and Maintenance Tips

Tips and home repair advice

Deck Maintenance Tips
Energy Saving Tips
Garage Door Safety
Holiday Safety Tips
Protect Your Family

Radon Testing
Selecting a Handyman
Winter Home Maintenance


Air Conditioning and Heating
Bathroom Remodeling
Electrical Tips
Flooring Tips
Gardening and Landscaping
Home Security Tips
Kitchen Remodeling
Lighting Tips
Painting Tips
Pest Control Tips
Plumbing Tips
Remodeling and Repair
Roofing Tips
Swimming Pools and Spas
Window Repair and Replacement

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