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Stove Elements Defective

Problem: Plug-in surface element doesn’t work and needs replacement.

Background: Plug-in heating element units can often be removed for cleaning and for replacement. (Some newer tilt-lock surface units are not designed to be removed from the top; however, they can be lifted up ward about 6 inches and they will lock in an upward facing position.) Replacing 3-wire elements on older ranges is more complicated; consult your owner’s manual, appliance re pair books, or appliance part retailer for advice. Before replacing an element, make sure it is plugged in sol idly, controls are properly set, and that trim rings and drip pans are securely set into the range top.

What to do: Be sure all controls are turned off and surface units are cool before attempting to lift or remove them. Lift the plug-in unit about 1 inch above the trim ring, enough to grasp it and pull it out. Don’t lift the plug-in unit more than 1 inch. If you do, it may not lie flat on the trim ring when you plug it back in. (Repeated lifting of the plug-in unit more than 1 inch above the trim ring can permanently damage the receptacle.) To confirm that the element is defective before you buy a new one, try another element of the same size that you know is working. If it also works when plugged into the receptacle where the nonworking element was, you will know the element in question is defective.

Special advice: To replace a plug-in element unit, first place the drip pan, then the trim ring into the surface unit cavity so the unit receptacle can be seen through the opening in the pan. Insert the terminals of the plug- in unit through the opening in the drip pan and into the receptacle. Guide the element into place so it fits evenly into the trim ring, making sure the drip pan is under the trim ring.

Helpful hint: Don’t attempt to clean plug-in surface units in a dish washer or immerse them in liquids of any kind. Also, don’t bend the plug-in unit plug terminals or at tempt to clean, adjust, or in any way repair the plug-in receptacle.




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