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Wallpaper can be removed in several different ways with the help of liquid removers, gel removers, scrapers, and wallpaper steamers. Before you choose a removal tool, you should first determine the removability level of the paper you're removing.
First test the wallpaper: The type of wallpaper you have will determine where you begin in the wallpaper removal process.
Go to a seam or an edge of the wallpaper and try and peel it off.
If the wallpaper only tears in small strips, your project step are to:
Score the wallpaper Apply the Wallpaper Stripper  
Remover the Wallpaper Remover the Old Glue.
Non-peelable wallpaper requires the use of a remover solution to penetrate the paper and soften the adhesive. Remover fluids contain wetting agents that dissolve the old adhesive while the wallpaper is still on the wall. Liquid removers can also be used to wash away adhesive left on the wall after removing the paper.
Here's an easy way to speed up the tedious chore of stripping wallpaper. After you perforate the surface of the paper with wallpaper scoring tool, use a garden sprayer to soak the surface with wallpaper stripper, a mixture of hot tap water and wallpaper remove like " DIF "

Allow the liquid to soak through the perforations and dissolve the adhesive; keep the paper wet for at least 15 minutes. Peel backs one corner of the wallpaper. If it easily comes off the wall, the adhesive is dissolved. If it doesn't, wait 5 more minutes.
Scraping and scoring tools are extremely helpful in the wallpaper removal process.
Scoring tools are used in conjunction with liquid removers to pierce the surface of the wallpaper and allow the remover solution to enter and soften the adhesive.
Scraping tools (such as broad knives, wallboard knives, and paper scrapers) are helpful in peeling the old wallpaper from the wall.



Start with Hot tap water in the machine:

Do not use an extension cord. Power loss over the length of an extension cord will result in never getting steam once the temperature of the water reaches boiling steam will appear.
Hold the steam pan on the wall at a leading edge of the paper for a few seconds.
Once the glue has softened, move the pan to the next edge while using the scraper knife to begin peeling the paper back.
Repeat this process over the entire surface until job is completed.




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