Home Decoration Tips for painting a door

Here is a simple way to dress up any wooden door in your home. Just follow these easy directions, and you will soon have an artistic enhancement to any room! Here is a list of all the supplies that you will need:

Very fine sandpaper
Drop cloth
Flat, white interior house paint
4 inch wide soft bristled paint brush
Small paint brushes for details
Several small bottles of acrylic craft paints in varying shades in the colors of your choice
Jars or large glasses for water
paint pens in a variety of colors - Don’t forget black, which is a great color for outlining cartoonist designs.

11.Clear, semi-gloss, poly acrylic paint - This can be found at most hardware and paint stores, and is very convenient for it is water soluble and has no fumes. Polyurethane paints are oil based and can only be applied out of doors, so avoid those kinds.

Now you are ready to begin! Here are the steps you need to take in order to have a wonderful artistic addition to your home:

Draw your design on a piece of paper with the pencil. Planning ahead is very important.
Spread the drop cloth around the floor under the door.
Use the large paint brush and the white paint to cover the area that is to be painted upon.
Let the white paint dry for a few hours.
Transfer your pre-drawn image to the door surface using the pencil directly onto the door. Periodically step away from the image to make sure the proportions are correct.
Fill in the outlined shapes with the colors of your choice. This is where the acrylic craft paints come in! Also, use the smaller paint brushes for application, and leave them in the water jars in order to preserve the brushes.
Outline the painted shapes with the paint pens.
Let this dry completely for a few hours.
Coat with the clear finish.
Immediately and thoroughly wash out the paint brushes.

You are all done!

Handy Tips, Advices, Ideas & Warnings

Line your paint tray with aluminum foil. When it’s time to clean up, just roll up the foil and throw away.

To stop paint from dripping, punch a few holes in the rim of the paint can. When the brush is wiped against the edge, the paint flows back into the can. The lid covers the holes so the paint won’t dry out.

To remove lumps from paint: Cut a piece of screen to fit the inside of the paint can. Set it on top of the paint and let it float down to the bottom of the can. It will take all the lumps with it, trapping them at the bottom of the can.

When painting trim around windows, doorways etc. try using stiff paper to cover the area you don’t want painted. (An old phone book cover works well.) Slide paper along as you paint. It’s much faster and more economical than using masking tape. Works well with either a roller or brush.

When painting a room, dip a small card into the paint so that you have the exact color with you and can match accessories in stores.

When painting inside corners, trim the paint brush bristles to a V to save strokes and spread paint more evenly.

Before pouring paint from a can, cover the rim with masking tape. After pouring, remove the tape — the rim will be clean and the cover will fit tightly.

When you poke a paint brush into corners or allow it to rest on the bottom of the paint can, the bristles curl and stray. To straighten natural bristles (not synthetics), try wrapping the brush in a couple of thicknesses of damp cloth and press gently with an iron. The steam and cloth binding do the job. Only light pressure is needed. Let the bristles cool before you unwrap the brush.

When painting old woodwork, fill in the holes or cracks with a mixture of flour and some of the paint you are using. It hardens like cement and matches perfectly.

When painting stairs, paint every other step first. When these are dry, paint the rest.

To avoid cleaning paint brushes and rollers if you intend to use the same color later, or if you do not have time to clean immediately, place the brushes and rollers in a plastic bag, tie shut and place in the freezer. They will keep for several days without drying up.





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