Toilet Base Leaks

Problem: Leak develops at the base of the toilet, between toilet and the toilet flange of the waste pipe.

Background: Occasionally the wax ring between the toilet and waste pipe will lose its seal and allow leak age. New wax rings are available at hardware stores and home centers, however, the toilet must be removed to install the new ring. Before re moving, make sure any moisture is not due to tank condensation, or to a leak between the tank and base on a 2-piece toilet.

What to do: Buy a replacement wax ring. Turn off the water at the sup ply valve near the toilet or at the main water supply valve. Disconnect water supply at the base of the tank. Drain the toilet tank by flushing and remove the remaining water using sponges or rags. Take the caps and nuts off of the toilet’s mounting bolts, and lift the toilet off its mount. Temporarily stuff a rag into the opening in the floor to keep sewer gas from escaping, then clean up the old gasket or setting compound on the floor.
   Turn the toilet upside down (being careful to prevent scratches), then remove the old wax ring. Slightly warm the new wax ring and press into position. Turn the toilet right side up and place it into position, allowing the toilet bolts to protrude through the holes in the base. Press down, with your full weight, in a slight twisting motion on the center of the top of the toilet. Re place the washers and nuts and then the caps.

Special advice: The toilet may have been installed with a gasket, not a wax ring. A gasket is formed by the toilet bowl setting compound in the circular recess in the base of the bowl. Simply remove this material before installing the new wax ring.

Helpful hint: If bolts were difficult to turn or were damaged when re moved, use new bolts after replacing the wax ring (liquid products that loosen rusted bolts are available at your local hardware store). When replacing the bolts that hold down the toilet base, tighten only until a snug fit is reached. Do not over tighten because you may crack the porcelain base.


Handy Tips, Advices and Warnings

To remove old wallpaper, first pull off as much as you can, then soak the remaining with Fleecy. It will peel off easily.

After wallpapering or painting, write the amount under a light-switch plate and you’ll always know how much wallpaper or paint you need for that room.

If you have a small hole in your wall (after moving pictures etc.) take a wax crayon as near the colour of your wall as possible. Rub the hole with the crayon, polish with a dry cloth and the hole is invisible.


Clean out old nail polish bottles and fill with “touch up” paint for scuffs and scratches that may occur on your walls.

When hanging pictures on plaster walls, put a small piece of adhesive tape where the nail is to go in. Drive the nail through the tape. This helps prevent the plaster from cracking.

Before wallpapering a wall, apply a coat of clear varnish to any grease spots. This will prevent the grease from soaking through the new paper.

Instead of applying wallpaper with a sponge, dip a paint roller in the solution, squeeze slightly to prevent dripping and roll it over 20-30 sq. feet at a time. 

Buy stair carpeting a little longer than needed. When it shows signs of wear it can be shifted downward to delay replacement.

To avoid wearing out spots on heavy traffic areas, use extra pieces of material cut out of the same material as the rug or linoleum.

If your kitchen cupboards have worn out or if there are scuff marks around the handles, remove handles and glue on tiles to cover the scuffs. Replace handles over the tiles. This adds an interesting colour accent and saves replacing or refinishing the doors.

When a drain is clogged with grease, pour a cup of salt and a cup of baking soda into the drain, followed by a kettle of boiling water.


If your water taps have a tendency to freeze during a cold spell, leave your taps on slightly. Running water will not freeze.




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