Toilet Flush Inadequate

Problem: toilet does not flush, provides an inadequate flush, or overflows.

Background: If toilet tank refills, flushing problems are usually caused by the mechanism that allows water to drain into the bowl. Or, in the case of overflows, the problem may be due to blockages in the bowl, outlet, sewer lines or septic tank. For problems caused by the tank mechanism, see the following information. For problems due to blockages in the bowl, see
Toilet Is Plugged Up. For problems within the sewer lines, see Drain Pipes Are Clogged.

What to do: If a toilet with an old- style tank ball only provides partial flushing when the lever is pulled, it is likely that the ball is not lifting high enough from its seat and re seats before the flush is complete. To fix, adjust the upper lift wire so that the tank ball is pulled high enough off of the seat to allow for a complete flush when the lever is pulled. (You may also raise the lift wire guide, which fits around the overflow tube.) Also check the lower lift wire and lever to see that they are operating properly. The lower lift wire should slide easily through the guide arm. If the toilet has a new-style flapper with a chain or strap connected to the trip lever, reduce any slack in the chain.

Special advice: Not enough water in the tank, or a worn-out inlet valve assembly can cause an inadequate flush. If the tank fills only partially, raise the water level by gently bending the float ball rod upward. (Do not raise water lever higher than 1 inch below the top of the overflow tube.) On two-piece toilets (with tanks that are fastened to the bowl), check for leaks where the two join. If leaking, tighten bolts or replace washers on the bolts inside the tank.

Helpful hint: Newer kits for replacing older tank ball assemblies with vinyl flappers and stainless steel re placement drain seats are available. If incorrectly installed, short-length flushes may result. With slanted drain seats, the assembly should be installed so its hinge is not parallel to the overflow tube. If it must be, then check manufacturer’s instructions on how to trim stop tabs on the unit to increase the length of the flush.




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